Method of cooking Persian food

Iranian rice is the most important and most important component of cooking in Persian foods; besides, all kinds of stews, soups, salads, broth, cabbage, Tabriz meatballs, pickles, herbs, drinks such as yogurt are among the most important Iranian dishes.

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Persian Foods

Slow Cooking is Feature of Persian Food

Slow cooking is a special feature of Iranian cuisine. Foods are often cooked slowly on the stove for a long time, such as stews, soups, plates, and chops. For example, the ingredients for baking stews are first fried in oil, then poured over the water and cooked slowly over a low flame for several hours. Or foods such as coconuts and cutlets are slowly fried in vegetable or animal oil.

In addition, foods such as kebabs, meat slices are initially marinated for several hours in ingredients such as lemon juice or yogurt, then roasted on a barbecue.

Chicken Kebab

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