A Simple Guide to Table Setting

Are you looking to host a private meal in your home that features formal dining practices? If so, you will certainly want to be familiar with the table setting arrangement. For seasoned formal dining participants, they would be able to quickly size you up based on the table setting you have laid out.

Furthermore, it makes the whole experience of the meal for your invitees that much better. A good table setting would leave them no doubt in their minds which utensils should be used for which dish.

Selecting a Theme

This will establish the tone for your guests, so it is very important that the fine points are immaculately cared for. First of all, continental tableware is commonly utilized for formal eating. There are numerous styles of flatware consisting of aesthetic, classic, or modern which can be a reflection of the host.

Pick the style which matches the environment you intend to portray to your guests to boost their whole experience. Bear in mind that your food selection will also impact the sort of flatware. For instance, if seafood is on the menu, specialized tableware ought to be present in your setup.

Utensils & Tableware


The fork that is utilized for the initial dish ought to be put the most distant from the lunch plate. All dinnerware should be placed one inch from the side of the table.

Spoons & Knives

Positioned similarly to the forks, the outer ones are for appetizers and visitors will make their way in as the dishes continue.

Service Plate

This plate is just for decorative uses and the real dinner/dining plates will be served on this plate.


All drinking glasses to be utilized for the lunch ought to be set before the dinner starts. The water goblet ought to be put right above the knife, and the wine glasses should be lined in the sequence in which they will be utilized.

Hors D’oeuvres

Even before your guests sit down at the dinner table, they would first have socialized in your living room with appetizers. As such, this is an excellent opportunity for you to impress your guests with clever placement of the Hors D’oeuvres.

An easy but savory appetizer would be a cheese platter with crackers and a wine beverage for visitors to enjoy before the actual dinner; even better if you have a visually enticing cheeseboard that could double as a lovely centerpiece! Preferably, place the platters in different areas about your primary room/lounge area to prevent guests from crowding in one corner of the area.

Learning First Hand

A good way for you to learn about table setting and dinner hosting from experienced individuals would be to sign up for a cooking class Singapore course. With plenty of practical experience from the lessons, you can feel confident about your home fine dining hosting skills thereafter.